i'm Nsarah (N) ! i don't really expect anyone to understand me because i don't quite understand myself. i have a million different opinions but i can usually see everyone's point of view. small things never seem to bother me, i don't find it hard to forgive, and whether or not that makes me a pushover, you can decide. i'm pretty much always happy cause i don't like to waste time being down. i'm usually hyper, even if i'm tired. i live off other people's happiness. if you're narrow minded, leave me alone. start whatever you want, i'm going to finish it. i'm brutally honest. i hate hurting people, but i don't bend the truth. i'm completely human, to my regret. i wish i could do something significant for the world, but the fact is, i don't have the ambition to put myself through the worthless crap it takes to make a name for yourself in this country. if you can make me smile, you've won my heart. i love animals, they make me happy. i'm not hard to please, btw seriously i'm a forgetful person -.-

Name : Nsarah Zahedi (Aku Perempuan)
Birthday : 01 June - Gemini
Age : 23 Ass.. Hole Haha
Place Of Birth : Kuala Lumpur
Living : Kepong. Malaysia
Relationship Status : It's Complicated Haha
Race : Malay Chinese India Bugis
Hobbies :
 Nothing, I'm Super Lazy Lady
Colour : Black Is My Happy Color 
Working : Telemarketer  
I will Marry : Allah Knows Best.
Favorite Animals : I Live In The Meow
Interested : I Want To Be Fatty Girl Hehe
Dislike :  i Hate Cockroaches
Contacts : Facebook , Instagram , Youtube


punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful,
freedom to not be successful. freedom to be who you are. it's freedom.