i'm Nsarah ! Allah puts people in my life for a reason and removes them from my life for a better reason. i never wanted to go back and relive the glory days; i just want to keep moving forward, that's what i took from punk. keep going don't look back. i enjoyed my life when i had nothing and kinda like the idea of just being happy with me. all my memories are things i gave away, traded for new days after days after days. i am trying to find myself, sometimes that's not easy. i just get bored easily. people make mistakes, it's ok, do what i need to do and enjoy life as it happens. lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more and just keep inside. pursiut of happpiness. don't hate the media; become the media. i'm not hard to please, btw seriously i'm a forgetful person..

"look where we come from, the best i yet to come from.
we don't need anyone, to tell is what needs to be done!"

Name : Nsarah Zahedi (Aku Perempuan)
Birthday : 01 June - Gemini
Age : 23 Ass.. Hole Haha
Place Of Birth : Kuala Lumpur
Living : Kepong. Malaysia
Relationship Status : It's Complicated Haha
Race : Malay Chinese India Bugis
Hobbies :
 Nothing, I'm Super Lazy Lady
Colour : Black Is My Happy Color 
Working : Telemarketer  
I will Marry : Allah Knows Best.
Favorite Animals : I Live In The Meow
Interested : I Want To Be Fatty Girl Hehe
Dislike :  i Hate Cockroaches
Contacts : Facebook , Instagram , Youtube

stay punk ladies. long live anarchy.
don't judge anyone but don't trust anyone..

punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful,
freedom to not be successful. freedom to be who you are. it's freedom.